21 December 2011

A New Day for Kay Day

Kay Day is from Louisville Kentucky And grew up in Queens new york.  With a fondness for tutus, stiletto heels, slip on bias-cut dresses, and tons of costume jewelry, Kay Day moves to the beat of her own drum. Her inspiration for her wardrobe comes from her variety of experiences, some of which include living in Queens, New York in her early life, moving to New Albany and Louisville working as the tutu-wearing, high-intensity Spinelli's pizza girl, going on misadventures with her best friend Devin, and dancing to Lady Gaga and Britney Spears.In the last year she has been performing in the EDM scene MCing for DJ Axis,Dj Detramentl, Dj Heretic and more. Last november she opened up and shared the stage with Borgore singing songs such as "Ice Cream" and "Nympho". Kay says her favorite show shes opened up for is the Grammy nomination for best new artist: Skrillex. Kay Day has been performing since she was 6 years old. She would say that shes a bodacious loud bombshell botch. Kay Day wont stop performing until she reaches her goal of fame.  "Surf's Up, Bro", "Put it on a shirt!", and "What?" are Kay Day's favorite sayings and the words themselves have gained a sort of strange notoriety that follows her everywhere. I can remember her telling me, after a mob of screaming girls hugged her, "I need to get a bodyguard". Like Lady Gaga, Kay Day wants to live the famous life. Known as Kay Day to her friends, including me, and known as "Gaga Spears", or just "Gaga", she is one of the rarer souls like Andy Warhol, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, and Lady Gaga herself that seems to seamlessly live in her own world while simultaneously existing in the one around her.

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