26 July 2010

Brand of the Day - TOPMAN

The Well-Traveled Man

Like a flight with no visa, first-class with the seat back I still see you… You don’t have to have twenty stamps in your passport to look like a man who does. If you want to embody the ultimate jet-setter man we’ve got you covered with fashion sets styled by the creative members of Polyvore.com. It doesn’t matter if you’re socializing at a soiree on South Beach, studying the styles on Savile Row in London, getting fresh for a Sunday pique-nique in Paris, or reveling in the romance of Rome, get a cosmopolitan style with international brands such as Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and even American masters like Marc Jacobs. Bon Voyage! 

Rockstar 101

Six-inch walker, big s***-talker, I never play the victim, I’d rather be a stalker… Dark, rough, irreverent, and hard, just a few qualities that describe the on-the-edge style of the rockstar, the dark side of the fashion world. If you’re looking to capture Rihanna’s dangerously dark look or if you’re just searching for an added edge to your style, look no further with these sets from Polyvore.com. Get your best rockstar look with hot trends such as layered chains, biker boots, crosses, and the best of black and soon the only thing you’ll be missing is a black guitar… 

24 July 2010

I Am Fashion - LookBook.nu Roundup

Famous Girl - LookBook.nu Roundup

Model Madness - Junior Carrasquillo

20 July 2010

Harajuku Girls Know How I Feel…

Get inspired with these fashion sets from Polyvore.com based on the super-fascinating trend that has been a part of Tokyo’s history for years, harajuku style. Created by the members of Polyvore, you’ll find these sets a great way to incorporate items like bright colors, feminine accessories, and organic shapes into an awesome harajuku look. And if you’re still looking for more inspiration, don’t be shy about heading over to Polyvore and searching through their sets for any particular theme you’re looking for. You can also click on the sets to find out how to get the accessories, clothing, and items within the set for a handy and clever shopping guide! 

Wonder If You Know How They Live In Tokyo…

If you seen it then you mean it and you know you have to go…tick tick tick…wonder if you know…Not a China Man ‘cause I ain’t from China, man…I am Japan, man…and if you want to know how they do it on the streets of Tokyo and all over Japan then you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in this hidden gem Japan Streets. A fashion blog similar to LookBook.nu yet devoted to all things Japanese street fashion And best of all the blog is in complete English and profiles many Japanese tastemakers like Yohji Yamamoto that many Americans are familiar with. So if you’re tired of the American fashion victim routine take a detour to the east and get reinvent yourself Yoyogi Park-style. Nihongo o hanashimasu ka?

16 July 2010

Links Roundup – Luxirare Puts A Stake In My Heart

As I recall, I know you love to show off, but I never thought you would take it this far…words too true to describe my sentiments after perusing the luxury goods photoblog Luxirare. And I’ve got to say the whole spikes and crosses thing never looked more stylish in these photos. I mean, with the Chanel quilted clutch next to it how can it not just scream, “Damn I’m hot”? Add a beautiful quartz crystal around them and we’re talking flashy business. New necklaces the blog author’s been working on, do you really think I could say no when I saw at the site header “Fine Cusine and Killer Clothes”? You guys know me better than anyone.

Links Roundup – The New Rolls-Royce White Ghost by Mansory Haunts The Pages of The Luxist

That’s M-O-N-E-Y so sexy… And boy does it get any sexier than this Rolls-Royce, showcased by the premier luxury goods blog The Luxist. No doubt this car is only made to withstand the egos of people like Kanye West and Diddy but I certainly wouldn’t have minded if my parents dropped me off at school in that thing. I can see it now…yes, people, my Dad actually drives me around in that thing and as soon as the new Ferrari comes out he’ll pass it down to me…oh did I forget to mention? They only made three, so don’t even think about giving Daddy the step and repeat of “Everybody at school has one!”…

Links Roundup – Style Rookie Says “Suck It Seventeen Magazine” In The Smartest Way

I think it all started when I read the first line of the post, “I am writing you concerning your headline on your June/July cover, ‘THE PARTY DRUG THAT CAN MAKE YOU FAT & UGLY.’ I hope you keep these problems in mind for your future issues.” I think after reading this it just turned into one of those moments like when you’re at the mall and you see two friends fighting about who slept with whose boyfriend and you just know, “This is gonna be good”. Of course, it’s Seventeen Magazine and anyone over the age of seventeen would no doubt have a trilogy of novels to write on the grievances of the advice given to seventeen-year-olds at the erroneous hand of middle twenty-something-year-olds. But this letter was entertaining not just because of its cynical quality that I just can’t get enough of, but simply because it was just so damn smart.

Links Roundup – Your Chance To Get Noticed with Fashion Crowdfunding on The Business of Fashion

For emerging designers who are finding it difficult to get their lofty goals and ideas off the ground, The Business of Fashion is detailing a new method for giving them the platform to achieve. StyleTrek.com is a new site dedicated to providing designers with a means for launching and promoting their collections by raising funds provided by fans and supporters to give new talent the financial backing they need. The site along with newly developed site FashionStake is creating a light at the end of the tunnel for inspired and ingenious minds waiting to show the world what aesthetic contributions they can make.

Links Roundup – Abbey Lee Kershaw in Vogue China by Coûte Que Coûte

If beauty is skin deep, then ugly is to the bone. Nothing could be more aesthetically displayed than Vogue China’s spread of Abbey Lee Kershaw “Skin Deep”, styled by Nicoletta Santoro and shot by Hedi Slimane. I’ve been looking at spreads from international versions of American fashion magazines and I have to say I’ve been impressed with the talent. Granted, it is a little strange that Elle Japan covers and Vogue Hommes Japan don’t have Japanese or Chinese celebrities on their covers but they are as skilled in capturing beauty as any American issue of Vogue. I will say that the main difference between American and International issues are the nature of the photographs. American magazines use their photo spreads as a means of setting a standard for the readers, inspiring them to what levels of beauty they should aspire. International magazines use fashion photography for more artistic and experimental purposes as seen in this shoot.

Links Roundup - The Sartorialist in Italy

Few fashion photoblogs amaze me in the way that The Sartorialist does. The man who was noted as one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Design Influencers has captured my eyes again with his capturing of unnaturally natural style in one of the most stylish destinations in the world, Milan, Italy. Perhaps it is the safari-esque experience that the blog provides that has propelled it into the style stardom it has won. The design of the blog is completely unfettered and devoid of superfluous ad-sense banners creating less distractions for readers, allowing them to see real people in real situations with real style. An intriguing point he makes in one of his recent posts while in Milan expounds upon the thick line between fashion and style in describing his encounter with a Milanese bartender.

15 July 2010

Paris Calling - Lookbook.nu Roundup

The White Room - LookBook.nu Roundup

Don't Forget To Breathe - Spotlight Marquis Engle

Illusion is the first of all pleasures. You've heard me say I'm highly attracted to highly attractive people. Well I think I've got one people. Mix Gaga's style, Alexander McQueen's inspiration, and Janelle Monae's effervescent charm and you get this guy. Never before have I met someone whose sheer creativity, exuberant beauty, and most of all design savvy used to form so elegant and aesthetic an artifice. Born from the school of hard knocks in Cleveland, Ohio, inspired by the elements I so adore, The Flashy Life, and nourished by the creations of avant-garde tastemakers Lady Gaga and Beyonce, Marquis Engle, 19, both amazes with the children of his imagination and also with his showstopping, enviably photogenic face. I don't know what I am compelled more to do; to ask him to design a sickeningly cutting edge blazer for me, or somehow magically trap him in a glass bottle like a boat and cherish him like a limited edition Barbie. One thing is for certain; there are no wires, strings, or plastic attached to Marquis. Blazing his own trails in the most ambitious and flashy way possible, he's found his way into my heart as another one of my many muses and inspiration.

12 July 2010

She's A Monster In My Bed...

Hair and Makeup by Courtney Gritton

6.26.10 -- So Glam Fashion Show Promo Video

What Do A Jet-Setter, Varsity Jock, Army Soldier, and Backpacker Have In Common?

The super-stylish and avant-garde chic producer, designer, musician, and art aficionado appears to be taking the fall and winter 2010 menswear lines Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream in a significantly different aesthetic direction this season. Known mostly for their colorful and innovative designs that combine urban simplicity with creative complexity, the collections are targeted toward the man who would rather be seen around town skateboarding, dropping a mixtape in his friend's indie recording studio, or strolling down the street to the sounds of Lupe Fiasco's "Kick, Push". This season's collections appears to be less concerned with being the vanguard of skateboarder-skinny jean chic and kaleidoscopic patterns, a surprise to any devotee to the BBC/IC brand.

09 July 2010

Model Madness - Ibrahim Baaith

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