31 May 2010

The Perfect Summer Daze Playlist

The beginnings of summer are here and well know what that means; as the temperatures roll on, the clothes come off, summer barbecues, family reunions, and summer romances. No summer event would be complete without the perfect lineup of hot tracks. We've compiled a list of the best of summer music hits to keep the party going even after the sun goes down. So get this playlist, get your DJ, and get moving on the dance floor with our mix of old and new school summer daze playlist.

  1. Summertime - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
  2. Cruel Summer - Bananarama
  3. Alejandro - Lady Gaga
  4. Hot Fun in the Summertime - Sly and The Family Stone
  5. Calabria 2007 - Enur feat. Natasja
  6. I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
  7. Summer Breeze - Seals and Crofts
  8. California Dreamin' - The Mamas and the Papas
  9. Seven Days in Sunny June - Jamiroquai
  10.  This Is Why I'm Hot - Mims
  11. California Girls - The Beach Boys
  12. Saturday in the Park - Chicago
  13. Thong Song - Sisqo
  14. Car Wash - Rose Royce
  15. Summertime - Billie Holliday
  16. I Get Around - 2Pac

Memorial Day Sets to Love

Today is Memorial Day and Fashion Inc. is more than ready to give you a well-needed dose of some stylish fashion sets! We've pulled the best that Polyvore has to offer in their lineup of Memorial Day style and we're giving you a chance to spot the hottest pieces for this summer as June rolls around yet setting the fashion scene ablaze with cruise and resort wear. Check out the sets below, find some items you like, and make your fashion statement a memorable one!

27 May 2010

Model Madness - Genaro Perez

Blogs - Stuff Fly People Like

While I was scouring the digital ether, sorting through an infinite mass of information of fashion, lifestyle, celebrities, and pop culture, I happened to run into a pair of guys who told me who they were and simultaneously showed me who I wanted to be. Rae Holliday and Gabriel Williams are the creators of the exceptionally successful and award-winning--yes people, there are actually awards for doing this sort of thing--blog Stuff Fly People Like. The blog's aesthetic is not extremely complicated, yet is replete in links and archives and chock-full of colorful photos which are sure to grab the attention of a contemporary audiences keen on more showing and less telling. Gabe, a Florida native takes music as his greatest pleasure and his attentiveness to the craft is clearly seen in his coverage on the goings-on in the world of hip-hop and R&B music. A former background singer for artists such as Kirk Franklin and Nona Gaye, Williams never distances himself too far from his roots. Rae finds himself inclined to the realm of fashion and entertainment. With origins in dancing and even a BA in criminal justice under his belt, Holliday still has managed to establish himself a knowledgeable source of sartorial advising. His close watch on the fashion industry is one the most effective parts of the blog's success. Overall, the blog's pulled major weight, winning the award for "Best Fashion Blog" by the Black Weblog Awards, being featured in Essence magazine, and being a part of RocaWear's 10th Anniversary campaign. I don't know about you people, but this one is definitely getting put into the Flashy Files. Don't forget to subscribe to Stuff Fly People Like. You never know if you'll be thanking them for the interview later...

BleuLife - Kevin Amato Fashion Shoot

Bleu Magazine is showcasing the photographic talent of fashion photographer Kevin Amato on its website/blog Bleulife.com. Amato's shoot for this, although not entirely devoid of the sparkle and gloss of many other fashion shoots, still achieves a captivating and artistic quality. The color palette strong, imposing urban landscapes that surrounds and almost seems to overpower the models mixes smoothly with the apparel and allows for an ingenious integration of the subjects and the environment. Kevin Amato works closely with the extremely successful modeling agency Red Models NYC and has photographed some of the most promising Black male models which are represented by Red. Some include Salieu Jalloh, Dominique Hollington, Shawn Sutton, and Marcus Lloyd. Check out more photos from the shoot here and more about Kevin Amato here.

25 May 2010

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

Marilyn Monroe had it right when she said, "A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl's best friend". We've pulled some of the most stylish and diamond-studded sets from Polyvore.com to give you a simply stunning ensemble that is sure to leave onlookers dazzled. Give your look a lift by checking out some the items in the sets and if you're particularly curious about an item, just click on the sets to view details about it. Whether you can afford a diamond or not, you can certainly still feel glamorous with some fashion inspiration from the sets below. Check it out!

Rock It Rugged

This summer guys, get in touch with your inner man's man with these rugged-styled sets from Polyvore.com. As the summer heats up, add a touch of the untamed desert to your personal style. The earthy and desert palettes of the items within can help you with adding a bit of that rough-around-the-edges look without losing a stylish ensemble. With pieces from D&G, Dolce and Gabbana, Stetson, and French Connection, give your wardrobe a trailblazer upgrade with the sets below. Enjoy!

22 May 2010

The Fashion Kid - Markell Goode

When I extended the opportunity to one of my new friends, he was floored and excited at the prospect of being featured on Fashion Inc. Style Society. Rocking it out today in our style spotlight comes the edgy and avant-garde Markell Goode. A Business major at Kentucky State University, Markell's aspirations have always been held in the world of fashion. About his style, Markell states, "My style is forever changing; fashion isn't something that is done; it is lived. It is how you feel, a freedom of expression and comfort so my style can simply be a v-neck and a pair of Levi's". Standing only at 5'3, Markell is no doubt one to make waves when it comes to style, his flaming orange tuft of hair acting as a trademark for his unstoppable individuality. No stranger to the work of fashion shows either, Goode places his efforts into projects such as the upcoming Cleveland Asian Festival and throwing in a little philanthropy as well, the So Glam High Fashion Charity Event. That quality in Markell that is most illuminated is his infectious and unchanging optimism. In speaking about his own aesthetic, Markell answers, "Elegance is a question ofpersonality, more than ones clothing. Let's go beyond looking cute, be bold, beautiful, inspiring", and motivating. Live above It. LOVE, LIVE CREATE. This is my self made quote i live through. I hope to be all that and more inspiring others to believe in themselves. Lets see where the future will take me, I know it begins with a I can!" As for Markell, once he completes that transfer from Kentucky State University to Western Kentucky University's fashion merchandising program, we'll put him down for membership in the Flashy Life. Think about it Markell... Check out some more photos of Markell in action below.

21 May 2010

Make It Modern

There is something that I simply love about modern residential architecture. Perhaps it is the linear quality of it, its simple chic, and it’s uncomplicated structure that is synchronous with my own style personality. It is sophisticated, timeless, and artistic. The greatest modern residential architect of all time Frank Lloyd Wright believed that residential architecture should follow two tenets; the interior and exterior should be integrated and the house itself should blend in the environment. His masterpiece, Fallingwater is a perfect example of the achievement of these two things. The same should apply to style: Your exterior aesthetic should match that of the one inside your personality and your attire should be suited to the environment that you will be in.

20 May 2010

Summer Invidia - Marquis Phifer

Just when I thought Marquis Phifer's life couldn't get anymore flashy than mine, school lets out. Now the mogul's on his way to spend another summer in New York City, the mecca of the Flashy Life to blaze more trails in fashion and get more stardust on his shoulders. In one of his posts titled "Pressure Made Me a Diamond", a photograph of him looking for his "one-piece hitter-quitter" which happens to be a white blazer and a pair of khaki drawstring shorts from H&M. No doubt Mr. Phifer is Hamptons-ready; I can't stop my inbox from being inundated with Twitter text-message updates saying "Should I pace the triple-breasted blazer or not?", "I have to make sure my suitcase is 50lbs or less", and "Gotta find a place in New York". I'm looking forward to seeing Marquis' summer exploits and New York City and if I'm lucky I might get a few new hot photographs that will go oh-so-nicely on my desktop background slide show. But until then, I wait as dreams of flashing lights and fashion shows dance in my head...

Guilty Pleasure: The City

There's nothing I enjoy more that a good compilation of New York fashion, socialites, glamour, and drama. And I'm more than getting my fix of it with this new season of my favorite MTV television show, The City. Centered around the journey of young, up-and-coming designer Whitney Port, the show chronicles her interactions with people in the fashion industry such as the outspoken and no-nonsense fashion PR giant Kelly Cutrone of People's Revolution, the independent and ambitious PR Director for Elle Magazine, Erin Kaplan, and my favorite character, the sophisticated and irresistably icy Olivia Palermo. The show is successful at giving viewers prized looks into the gears behind the glass of the fashion industry. No doubt tons of young fashion enthusiasts are tuned into the series, filled with the hope their their own fashion aspirations will be as replete with the glamour, success, and adventures of The City. Also, unlike its counterpart The Hills, we don't really love to hate the characters and the show isn't a giant opportunity for a roast of delusional, dysfunctional people who have no real evidence of actual jobs much less a sane view of reality. The City airs on MTV Tuesdays at 10:30.

He's Cocky - Rashad Benton

Today I'm spotlighting a 20-year-old student from Florida A&M University with a blazing and blossoming interest in fashion, Rashad Benton. Our meeting was pure serendipity; this interaction between sartorial enthusiasts beginning with a simple friend request on Facebook. This figure enveloped in an untterly fashionable ensemble of a raspberry purple oxford shirt with a complementary dark bow tie was enough to extend him an invitation to the Flashy Life. After all, Oscar Wilde said, "One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards". Benton's Tumblr page, which you can view here, is an amalgamation of the stream of consciousness of a rising star in fashion. His musings on new items to buy, social dealings, the life and times of fashion personalities all mesh to create an interesting view into a young talent's creativity and ideas. Rashad's style exhibits an ambition-chic affect that gives him a sophisticated, clean-cut, and intelligent aura he no doubt can back up. Check out some photos of Rashad below and visit his Tumblr, his Twitter, and his Facebook.

18 May 2010

Sex And the City Returns

We're all familiar with the fabulous, glamorous, and fast-paced lives of the Sex and the City saga that revolves around our favorite girlfriend group: Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. The series was made into a hit film that captured all of the quintessential sparkle and style of New York glamour Sex and the City: The Movie in 2008, and now another film is set to come out later this month. We've dedicated a set showcase to the series to give you the best of Sex and the City fashion. Enjoy!

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