27 September 2010

Nuit Blanche

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, founders of the glamorous, classic, and now 25-year-old brand celebrated their quarter-decade with a fashion show in Milan centered around the color of new beginnings and paths untrod, white. The dynamic duo said "I do" with a showing of bridalwear-inspired ensembles. The collection appeared to be inspired by the post-nuptial events rather than the beautiful and romantic exchange of vows most would predict. Corseted knee-length dresses with lace detailing at the hems, virginal pleated dress bottoms and sheer blouses with bustiers,  and flowing raven-black nightgown-style dresses glided across the runway. Perhaps the wedding theme was representative of the devotion Dolce and Gabbana has to bringing the most cutting-edge, uber-stylish, and utterly classic fashion. It's hard to believe that the influence of Dolce and Gabbana has spread now across three generations of consumers and all will agree that the famous D and G spoke of luxury back then just as much as it does now. Read more for photos. Photos from Style.com

24 September 2010

Model Madness - Rob Evans

Night in Shining Armor

Looking to make a sparkling statement but not sure what to look for? Well we've got you covered with these sparkle-inspired fashion sets we've pulled from Polyvore.com. Become the star of the party with a dazzling ensemble and you'll be sure to become the belle of the ball. If there's a particular must-have item you see, click the set to find out where you can find it and how much it costs. Awesome style has never been more simple! So check out the sets and read on to find even more sparkling sets!

19 September 2010

The Ultimate Stylish Soiree Playlist

Looking to get away from the bawdy, irreverent lyrics of the traditional party scene? Well then switch over to some more sophisticated sounds with this ultimate chillout playlist. Soft, deep, and downtempo, these songs will liven up any cocktail party or set the mood for an intimate gathering. Check out the songs below and pop them into your iPod for instant lounge.

The Mating Game - Bitter:Sweet
Bittersweet Faith - Bitter:Sweet
Chungking - Bubble Love
Cut The Jazz - De-Phazz
Fever - Worldwide Groove Corporation
Permanent Midnight - Tape Five
Senorita Bonita - Tape Five
Mambo Tonight - Jojo Effect feat. Ian Mackenzie
Slow Hot Wind Block 16 - Thievery Corporation
The Truth - Handsome Boy Modeling School
Our Remains - Bitter:Sweet
A Bossa Love  - Tape Five

What You Can Learn From These Men

Long gone are the days when a man could only have a stylish wardrobe if he was a Wall Street tycoon. Now men have adopted a similar consciousness as their female counterparts when contemplating what they wear. Although men's fashion hasn't changed too much over the 20th century, innovation in the menswear industry is beginning to take place. For men, fashion has crawled out of the cage of function and is roaming free on the plain of form. And now Esquire Magazine is devoting an annual contest that showcases men of exceptional style and taste who are real men working as realtors to college admissions counselors. So if you're a guy who's looking to step up your swagger, then take a look at this year's finalists and what inspires their sartorial status.

"Italian men in general, I'm so intrigued and astonished with their art of dressing. It's so effortless and normal for them to continuously look stylish and elegant, with such a touch of nonchalance." - Angel Ramos, Realtor

"My grandmother is and has been the biggest influence on my style. She worked at a dry cleaner for 35 years. It was her message to me of always having your clothes cleaned and pressed. She made sure my clothes fit properly, too." -Sabir Peele, College Admissions Counselor

Autumn Arrivals

As the cold October wind creeps closer as the days get shorter, don't let your style get left in the cold with these autumn fashion sets from Polyvore. So whether you're walking through Central Park, admiring all of the golden-brown, red, and orange beauty, don't let the leaves be the only thing everyone's wanting to see. So scroll down and check out the sets below. And if you're feeling particularly curious about a specific item, just click on the set to see each item included, the price, and the site where you can find it.

'House of Cool

What's it like to attend a college where stylish and smooth is the status quo? Marquis Phifer, creator of the LateBoots brand does. A student at Morehouse College, known for its illustrious Black male alumni such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Spike Lee, Morehouse has an even more illustrious history of its stylish students. Cardigans, colored striped bowties, velvet slippers, and crested blazers are the sartorial arsenal of the men of the "Morehouse Mystique". Morehouse College prides itself on breeding "Renaissance Men with a social conscience", and stresses its students to be "well-read, well-traveled, well-spoken, well-dressed, and well-balanced". Check out the photos below from LateBoots.com.

18 September 2010

Quote of the Week

"Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped adolescence but of those who have already taken control of their future" - Coco Chanel

14 September 2010

I'm A Good Girl... - LookBook.nu Roundup

I'm humorous and smart...I read books and speak French and Latin too...my burrito tastes sweeter than gin on ice...I'm your best friend, I'm glad you've known before...would you please spend all your money on me now? Guess who's jumpin' in now? I'm a good girl, I'm humorous and smart...

The Man To Meet

As the season rolls on in and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is in full swing, don't miss out on your chance to be the man-to-see at all of the glitterati gatherings. Check out our selection of classic and highly stylish sets for men and add these items to your lust list. The easiest hallmark of a gentleman to spot is one that takes great consideration into what he wears and what he lets other people see him wear. So check out the sets below and enjoy!

Model Madness: Clint Mauro

12 September 2010

MBFW Collection Review: Band of Outsiders

MBFW Collection Review: ADAM

MBFW Collection Review: BCBGMAXAZRIA

MBFW Collection Review: Lacoste

10 September 2010

Fashion Week Lineup 9.10.10






1:30-2:30PM BOX - BUCKLER







image from famousankles.com

09 September 2010

Model Madness - Michael Tintiuc

Fashion Week Lineup 9.9.2010

6:30-7:30 BOX - VERRIER


07 September 2010

Brand of the Week - Marchesa

Few other fashion brands have made quite the splash so quickly than the supremely elegant brand of Marchesa.Created by the ingenious duo Georgina and Keren, it's astounding that for a collection only started in 2004, Marchesa's beauty and attention to detail makes it right at home with collections almost 6 times older. The brand is determined to make every moment an experience, from the fashion shows, the sheer breathtaking designs, and even visiting the website. Taking a look at the founders, Georgina, a Wimbledon School of Art alumni, and Keren, a Brighton Art College grad, you might think that these young upstarts couldn't possibly grasp the eye for aesthetics that glam gods such as Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, and Karl Lagerfeld mastered but just reviewing the Egyptian-goddess inspired Resort 2011 showing  they aced in June makes you think twice. Young Hollywood certainly has no problem taking a shine to the brand with television shows like Gossip Girl using much of their apparel in tapings. But just who is the Marchesa girl? She is the beautiful girl who thrives in contemporary society but understands the unchanging power of the classic; her sensibilities do not lie in the transient fads but she remembers the swans who came before her.

06 September 2010

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Roundup

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is approaching and will begin this Thursday, September 9. To celebrate the start of another week of sizzling fashion, awesome inspiration, glittering celebrities, and fabulous parties, we've created a collage of the best photos of past fashion weeks to celebrate in anticipation of the wonderful style to come. And as always, Fashion Inc. Style Society will be keeping you posted with breaking Fashion Week news and collection showings. Enjoy!

I'm Cool Like That

It's the archetype we've seen in almost every teen movie and every after-school special: the "cool guy" whose slick but effortless sense of style and his ability to exude quiet confidence and every situation earns him the rep of being the most popular guy around. Well we've pulled some looks that will give you that same cool-inspired edge with sets from Polyvore.com. Look through our arrangement of styles to find out which cool look works for you and in no time you'll be telling James Dean and Marlon Brando to eat their hearts out. Check out the sets below and after the jump!

Fall Into Fashion

As September continues to roll through and the leaves begin to change, change your style with them using our autumn-inspired fashion sets from Polyvore.com. A smooth melange of golds, browns, oranges, and reds is sure to get your stylish creative juices flowing. Don't let autumn sneak up on you without having the right wardrobe! So check out the sets below and more after the jump!

fall by nookie featuring a gray shoulder bag

03 September 2010

Hail to the Queen

Absolutely no one in the history of American fashion as well as international fashion has possessed quite the influence or power of Anna Wintour. Editor-in-chief of the fashion journalism giant Vogue, Wintour is responsible for being the igniting force behind many presently famous designers today. For a woman inundated daily by all things fashion and glamour, she herself has maintained a consistent and conservative image. With her blond pageboy bob and her ubiquitous dark large sunglasses, she is a constant fixture in all of the fashion shows and fashion weeks that occur around the world. Seen by some as an "ice queen", others respect Anna Wintour's continuous rational, objective, and driven nature which has obviously produced the great fruits of Vogue Magazine we see today. We've got some of the best Anna Wintour quotes lined up today in homage to the woman whose raison d'etre has inspired a generation of fashion enthusiasts and fostered creativity.
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