16 September 2009

Daily Post Topics

To make our blog more interesting and relevant to our readers, we're implementing a system of blog post topics that will guide the post for that day. Below will be the lineup for post topics so that you'll know what to expect each day.

Monday - M.A.S.T.E.R. Mondays: Making Awesome Style Truly Easy and Realistic
Tuesday - Trend Report Tuesday: See which fashion trends are coming in and going out.
Wednesday - It's Whatever Wednesday: Respond to polls, questions, and editorials on fashion and the fashion industry.
Thursday - That's Hot Thursday: Find out all of the information on the newest and most popular fashion accessories and items.
Friday - Fashion Set Friday: View Polyvore sets from members of our group as well as others' sets and enter contests to get your set published!
Saturday - Jet Set Saturday: Catch up on international fashion news and industry developments.


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