02 October 2009

Fashion Set Friday

For today's episode of Fashion Set Fridays, we're giving you a look into the creative minds of Polyvore.com members whose sense of style and taste motivates them to assemble beautiful, fashionable, and most importantly fun fashion collages and assemblies. If you like the works you see and would like to jump into the action, go to Polyvore.com and sign up. Or if you're already a member and would like to see your works placed on our blog, then search for "Fashion Inc. Style Society" under groups and add us, then upload your sets. We love undiscovered talent!

Today's sets will revolve around the illustrious and timeless fashions of the mistress of modern fashion, Miss Coco Chanel. Here are some of the rising stars of Polyvore's takes on her simple, yet sophisticated aesthetic.

Chanel... by micyyy featuring Chanel


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