07 September 2010

Brand of the Week - Marchesa

Few other fashion brands have made quite the splash so quickly than the supremely elegant brand of Marchesa.Created by the ingenious duo Georgina and Keren, it's astounding that for a collection only started in 2004, Marchesa's beauty and attention to detail makes it right at home with collections almost 6 times older. The brand is determined to make every moment an experience, from the fashion shows, the sheer breathtaking designs, and even visiting the website. Taking a look at the founders, Georgina, a Wimbledon School of Art alumni, and Keren, a Brighton Art College grad, you might think that these young upstarts couldn't possibly grasp the eye for aesthetics that glam gods such as Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, and Karl Lagerfeld mastered but just reviewing the Egyptian-goddess inspired Resort 2011 showing  they aced in June makes you think twice. Young Hollywood certainly has no problem taking a shine to the brand with television shows like Gossip Girl using much of their apparel in tapings. But just who is the Marchesa girl? She is the beautiful girl who thrives in contemporary society but understands the unchanging power of the classic; her sensibilities do not lie in the transient fads but she remembers the swans who came before her.


mt90 said...

Marchesa is definitely a force to be reckoned with but I really want to applaud your writing. It's quite good!

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