28 February 2010

Looking For Inspiration?

For some of us, leadership is something we are born with. We always want to be at the top, the boss, first, the doers, and the trend-setters. In fashion, it is no different. There are the taste-makers and the trendsetters who have no problem dictation the ever-changing direction of fashion. But following too, has its benefits. If you're the type who likes to follow the next big thing rather than creating it or if you just have an addiction to style, then head over to Lookbook.nu. Lookbook.nu is an online community of fashion enthusiasts dedicated to providing style inspiration as well as establishing themselves as the next big fashion icon. You can "hype" looks, which is similar to the Facebook "like" option. You can browse the most hyped looks and also the hottest looks and their stats from men, women, or both in all countries. You can also create a profile and upload looks of your own to be displayed. Lookbook.nu is a bookmark-worthy site for anyone who loves people who love fashion and for anyone who's looking to steal or upgrade a look.


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