28 February 2010

Scene Spotlight: Marquis Phifer of LateBoots.com

We're introducing to some and perhaps re-introducing to others a rising force in fashion blogging, Marquis Phifer, founder of the blog LateBoots, which chronicles his day-to-day hustle as an up-and-coming fashion fixture, Atlanta socialite, Morehouse College student, branding guru, and fashion blogger. His neo-dandy style and unbelievably candid photographic style can be seen throughout his posts that depict him impeccably dressed at many Atlanta parties and fashion shows. Phifer's mentality is extremely ambitious yet he rolls up his sleeves willingly and works himself to the bone to get noticed. His dedication to his work is probably the object most people notice through his blog, and his fearless swagger has lead some envious minds to create a hate Twitter page for Phifer inhospitably named "HateBoots". The 22-year old is aware of his cocky demeanor yet repudiates claims of arrogance by showing that anyone who is self-made has the right to be confident in their own achievements and abilities. Along with his right-hand blogger the equally stylish and avant-garde Sham, LateBoots is setting the art and fashion scene in Atlanta and New York ablaze. Below are some of Marquis' looks from Lookbook.nu.


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