04 December 2010

Bleu Magazine's Shoot Turns The Heat Down

Bleu Magazine's newest fashion spread featured an array of attractive fall and winter fashions worn by two even more attractive male models. However, the spread was horribly undermined by its title and description as well as the underwhelming backdrops of the shoot. Although Bleu Magazine hasn't necessarily always been at the forefront for its fashion photography, it does hold its own very well among other independent fashion magazines/  "It's Getting Cold" simply just didn't do it for me. I immediately became disinterested when I read the first sentence; "Don’t forget you coat!” Now haven’t we all heard that line numerous times for our mothers" Really? This sentence does absolutely nothing to detail the fashions or open the photographic story a spread should tell.
The shoot features many pieces from H&M, including jeans, blazers, and shirts as well as sweaters from G-Star. The shots aren't terribly stylish; the lighting levels don't change in any of the photos, even when the models are in different poses that might have required more play with values. The shots show too much sky, detracting from the seasonal aspect of the spread that would have looked better with a gray sky. The models pose well and effectively show the clothes but the settings they're placed in add no value to the form and focus too much on function. Check out the full spread on Bleu Magazine's site here.


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