05 December 2010

The British Are Coming

Who said Americans have all the style? A group of fashionable creative individuals based in London whose ambitions are as impressive of the site they've come together to create, Yin & Yang. The characters the site is named after are just as interesting.Yin comes from Niran, a creative advertising student in London who is a self-proclaimed Japanophile and future music label entrepreneur and Yang is Ernest, also a creative advertising student who loves photography and is hoping to work in public relations. The site also is supported by group of equally cutting-edge artists or "The Family", as they call themselves comprising Leona, an aspiring singer and tv personality, Olive, a Brooklynite fashion designer, DJB, a London music and fashion enthusiast, Yemi, a basketball-playing poet and dancer going to school in Maryland, and Jazz a hip-hop loving web designer from London.
Although the site is based in the United Kingdom, much of their posts are based in the United States and are centered around advertising, music, design, and fashion. The design of the site is what makes me fall so much in love with Yin & Yang; it's uber-stylish using my favorite font in the world, Helvetica, in the header, and the site navigation isn't too simple and it's not too confusing. There aren't a lot of third-party ads which allows the reader to focus on the content and it also keeps the blog genuine. Overall, it's a perfect addition to my Safari top sites screen and you should make it yours too.


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