03 December 2010

Street Etiquette x Stacy Adams

Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs have teamed up with the illustrious and timeless footwear brand Stacy Adams to produce a video talking about what makes an accessory or garment a classic. Kissi and Gumbs are the founders of the men's fashion blog, Street Etiquette and are curators of classic men's fashion. Their blog has been featured extensively in GQ magazine, Vogue Paris' Blog of the Moment, Refinery 29's Best Men's Fashion Blogs, and in the London Times' 40 Bloggers Who Really Count. We covered them earlier in the fall when they premiered their exceptionally designed and produced film The Black Ivy, an homage to the historically Black colleges and universities of America and more importantly on the distinct sartorial style that emerged from their students. The oxymoronic title "Street Etiquette" is a clever and accurate summary of what Kissi and Gumbs blog is all about; it's an artistic melange of the thesis of classical style with antithetical elements of street fashion and creating a synthesis of innovative style that possesses the same refinement and staying power as the classics. Check out the video after the jump.

Stacy Adams presents: The Brockton feat - Street Etiquette from Keven Ringgold on Vimeo.


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