17 January 2011

Don't Call It A Comeback

Call it a come-up. The Dynamic Duo of Style Marquis Phifer and Sham Shirley are returning to the blogosphere with a new and improved look for their site LateBoots, a collection of photographs, personalities, and most importantly hard work. Calling themselves the New Workers, Phifer and Sham are showing young creative aspirants as well as the world at large just how much power a little bit of perseverance, ambition, creativity, and drive can get you what you want and where you want to be. Through their brand public relations team, Marquis and Sham are spreading their influence through independent fashion designers as well as catching the eye of notable style professionals not only in their stomping grounds of Atlanta and New York City but also abroad. The urbanly urbane Morehouse dandy Marquis Phifer creates a smart and innovative synthesis with the street-smart, edgy, and artistically erudite Sham Shirley giving a new perspective not just on getting ahead in life but on realizing and achieving your dreams. Check out the new site here.


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