17 January 2011

Maverick Monday: Introducing Rashad Benton

Few men around are adept at the subtle art of style like this week's man-about-town Rashad Benton. A student at Florida A&M University, Rashad's creativity and his erudite eye for style have placed him in our spotlight. From first sight you'd never notice the taciturn and res Fem a very quiet person, low-key type. I keep to myself a lot. I honestly don’t enjoy being rved nature that lies under Benton's refined exterior. In describing himself, Rashad says, “I’the center of attention. Speaking in front of a large group isn’t really my thing.” What Rashad may lack in verbal expression he definitely more than makes up for in creative expression. His blog, HesCockky, is a testament to his alter-ego of the same name, the man who doesn't play by the rules but in a non-proselytizing way. “I do enough to make a statement, but nothing more to be too loud. Artistically [I contribute] nothing honestly I’m low-key so I’m not trying to contribute anything.” Rashad's style's comprises a synthesis of urban style mixed with the elements of classical men's pieces. When asked about his personal style aesthetic, Rashad responds, “I literally take my time on everything I wear. I come home, and the first thing I do is put an outfit together for the next day. Black is my favorite color and I wear a lot of it. I would call my style urban mixed with prep.” Young college men whose attention to wardrobe often lapses as severely as their focus on studies would do well to take a hint in style from Rashad. “I love Button ups, Blazers, Hats, & Ties. I wear a lot of bowties, and just ties In general. Those always add to my outfit. I have a lot of buttons that I add onto my blazers.” Rashad lists Express, 21 Men, Hollister, Aldo, and Coach as some of his favorite brands. If you're looking to find out more about this young maverick get into his head at his blog HesCockky here and check out his profile on LookBook here.


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