26 January 2011

Model Madness: Darren Taylor

There's nothing I love more than a great story about working your way from the top. Sure it's great to finally "get there" but I'm an appreciator of the journey rather than the destination. And someone else who is enjoying their journey to fame is our Model Madness spotlight this week Darren Taylor. A native Texan, not only is everything bigger there but apparently more beautiful as well.
Beginning his modeling career in 2009, the diamond in the rough was suddenly lifted up for all to see by the hands of Dallas-based agency Page Parks Model Management. Since then the haute handsome Taylor has been taking notice of of fashion fixtures coveting the cover of Krave Magazine's fall issue after winning their model search. Even though his career hasn't yet left its inception, it's not hard to see that Darren definitely has the look, the skill, and the potential to quickly gain steam in the male modeling world. He's pulled shoots with top-notch brands such as Neiman Marcus and Sean John. So make sure catch him now because later you'll be saying "I knew him when..." Check out more pics of Darren below and take a look at his website here.


Angeleface said...

This is crazy awesome! I love it. Keep up the great work!

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