02 February 2011

Don't Get Mad, Get Inside

If you're still messing around with keg stands, dorm parties, and the free-before-11 fare of parties, then you'll definitely want to step your game--and connections up with the host-with-the most Marquis Phifer. The man behind the LateBoots brand is launching an exclusive group catering to the more sophisticated bacchanalian set, titled Inside Socializing. If you're lucky enough to get on the list.
You can find out all of the privy info about Marquis and his partner Sham's favorite fashion, music, art, and soiree hideouts. Not to mention the ultimate backstage pass into only the most exclusive of locales, one being the famous Soho House. What better way to reward the efforts of the young, stylish, and ambitious? So if you're still wasting your time paying laundromat money at a party half your friends won't even remember, then maybe it's time you set your sights a little higher. To find out more about Inside Socializing and how to get inside yourself, then take a look at the post here.


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