09 March 2011

READ: Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion, Architecture

If you're a fashion book aficionado like I am, or your coffee table is feeling a little lonely, then waste no time getting your hands on Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture, one of the best books of fashion, architecture, and luxury photography created by the best in luxury, Louis Vuitton. So hopefully as you're reading this you're logging on to Amazon and one-click shopping yourself a copy, right? No, no, that wasn't a question. Every page of this foot-long book archives the breathtaking glamour, sophistication and exclusiveness that has built the Louis Vuitton brand since its start in the late nineteenth century with fashioning its famous trunks. The book features the very best in Louis Vuitton shot by the biggest names in fashion photography, Mert & Alas, Patrick Demarchelier, and Annie Leibovitz. You'll see every stunning inch of Louis Vuitton's international and domestic stores and the masterful bags, suitcases, and attaches will make your heart pound. And if you're one of the people who actually do buy photography books to read them, you'll definitely be impressed by the essays from artchitects, designers, and creatives who all laud and appreciate the craftsmanship, advertising, brand, and luxury goods that is Louis Vuitton. Check out some images from the book after the jump.


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