27 March 2011

SEE: Mr. Bathing Ape Summer 2011 Lookbook

The mind behind the massive Japanese brand A Bathing Ape, Nigo has unveiled his newest lookbook for his Mr. Bathing Ape collection. The Mr. Bathing Ape collection exists as an upscale, professional alternative to the avant-garde and artistic aesthetic of the main BAPE collection yet the various infusions of the Japanese street fashion and American influences that gave birth to the BAPE brand is still apparent in the camoflauge-colored ties, thick gold chains, and graphic tees that complement the tailored pinstriped three-piece suits, sophisticated oxford shoes, and clean pocket squares that populate the collection. Mr. Bathing Ape also has a collection of denim and t-shirts which gives a casual edge to the otherwise refined image. The collection is sold exclusively at United Arrows, the famous Harajuku retailer in Tokyo. Check out photos.

Pictures from Hypebeast.com


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