27 March 2011

WEAR: Bell & Ross BR 01 Red Radar

Heavy-duty watchmaker brand Bell & Ross have unveiled their newest creation, the BR 01 Red Radar watch. Bell & Ross's reputation of creating watches for fighter pilots, bomb disposal experts, and astronauts has certainly made Bell & Ross knowledgeable of the needs of the man whose life involves heavy risks. The company's professional-grade military watches designed for the most extreme of conditions gets a touch of luxury with the new Red Radar. Its black, sleek square frame and durable band complement the high contrast red dial face that resembles a sonar screen. The watch keeps time with a sweeping movement and possesses high-tech aesthetic. The watch is priced at $5500 and only 999 units will be made available at exclusive stores. So even if you're not James Bond and you're looking for ultimate in timekeeping gadgetry, you'd better have a bank account like his.


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