27 March 2011

THINK: Da Scuderia a Cottage - Elle Decor Italia March

Browsing the archives of Barnes and Noble, I came across the Italian version of my favorite home decoration and interior design magazine, Elle Decor. This month's feature home design involved a natural modern cottage designed by architect David Kohn winner of the One-off House Architect of the Year in 2010. Anyone who knows me knows I love modern house design more than life itself. Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the masters of modern residential architecture, he believed that a house should be integrated into its surroundings, which many times included parts of the house being created from surrounding natural resources. This house manages to achieve that using the same wood material in the living area as well as the bedroom. Each room in the house possesses some similar furniture piece or fixture as the other rooms in the house which ties the house into one magnificent work. Take a look at the photos below.


Alice said...

I like the house, with its openness and being relaxing to stay into. Italian ceramics made it more Italian looking.

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