17 March 2010

Fashion Ad Roundup

There's nothing more that I love than to open a new March issue of one of my favorite fashion magazines and gaze at the stunning and colorful new ads for the Spring and Summer collections of the year. The glossiness, the perfection, and the overall artistic genius inside each photograph inspires me to reach for the levels of beauty and style that is created in these photos. This is in fact, how designers keep their customers coming. We all want the perfect hair flowing perfectly in the wind that is angled in the perfect spot. We want his statuesque abs, his immaculately coiffed hair, and his sex appeal. Well, my followers, today's word of the day is envy. So to give you a little practice, I've pulled some of the best Spring/Summer 2010 fashion ads that are so awesome you won't be able to help turning a little green. Enjoy...

Dolce and Gabbana






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