22 March 2010

Polyvore Receives Spotlight in the New Yorker

The famous magazine that covers all things quintessentially New York the New Yorker is spotlighting one of Fashion Inc.'s favorite online fashion inspiration fixtures, Polyvore. In its subtitle, the article affectionately describes the social-networking and fashion styling hybrid as "The world of virtual Anna Wintours". The articles describes how the rise of Polyvore users as well as the publicity of their sets has attracted the attention of numerous individuals at the top of the fashion industry. The article also goes in depth about the creative process many users implement in creating sets and the amazing and fashionable products of that process. Pulling the curtain from the fashion editorial industry, the New Yorker exhibits that fashion is not dictated by the editors-in-chief of fashion gospels such as Elle, Vogue, and Harper's Bazaar, but rather they are dictated by what their followers will find fashionable and suitable to their lives and styles. To read the article online check it out here.


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