14 April 2010

Dee and Ricky

When I first happened upon the Dee and Ricky brand, it was through the blog of one of my favorite fashion personalities Marquis Phifer, LateBoots. The brand was started by twins Demetrius and Ricardo, hence its namesake, and their pieces combine avant-garde creativity, retro influence, and the juxtaposition of the wearable with the unwearable to create interesting accessories that could easily pass as Lego creations. Though their items may resemble toys, the twins have proven their careers to be more than child's play. Appearing in issues of Vogue, GQ, and Complex, Dee and Ricky is becoming a noticed brand by eclectic fashion icons such as Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Marquis Phifer. Along with their colorful wear, Dee and Ricky specialize in the classic Etch-A-Sketch toys made by Ohio Art, distributing them in nostalgic hues. Dee and Ricky's attention to the gaming community also places them in the spotlight there. Dee and Ricky's line of T-Shirts and accessories have successfully achieved the feat of keeping one foot in the future and another in the past. Some photos of Dee and Ricky items are below, and if you'd like to check out their merchandise, click here.


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