28 April 2010

How To Be Charming: A Gentleman's Guide

I thought I would create a post that would help you to win the affection of that special someone you've been dying to take out or to help you impress your significant other on a special night. In dating, charm is often the chapter in the "Player's Handbook" that numerous men have forgotten to read. It's nice to know that your $75,00 Bugatti also functions as an estrogen magnet or that women can magically appear in your bed with a twitch of your nose, but charm is what bridges the gap between physical and intellectual stimulation. Women want to be appreciated for their beauty and they certainly do like your attentiveness in that matter, and they also like that you're educated and graduated valedictorian cum laude from Princeton. But being able to combine education with flirtation is a sublime art that can be easily learned but is more difficult to cultivate. So to help you out, we're going to go over the ten essentials of charm. If you practice these, you will be able to elevate yourself as well as those who you attract.
  1. Pick up a thesaurus. People find an expansive vocabulary extremely attractive and being able to express yourself more elegantly and eloquently will make people more interested in your conversation and more interested in having conversations with you.
  2. Give compliments. Don't rely on pickup lines or worse facetious compliments to get you through a date. Find a genuine aspect of her beauty or her personality and find an articulate way to flatter her with it. Successful execution of this tip requires mastery of tip number one.
  3. Smile often. Smiling shows that you're confident and that you're enjoying the company of your date. Especially if it's a first date, there will probably be much tension. Smiling makes you more approachable and lowers the guard of your date allowing you to go in for the kill.
  4. Be humble. People aren't attracted to someone who flaunts their achievements or someone who absorbs compliments like a sponge without gratitude. Put yourself down without actually meaning it. The key to this tip though is everything in moderation. Putting yourself down too much will make you look like you're compliment fishing whereas a man who can be humble exudes security and self-assurance in himself.
  5. Say their name often. People subconsciously like hearing their name in conversation. Once you learn that person's name use it often when you're talking to them. It shows that you're not focused on anyone or anything else and it also makes people want to listen to you more.
  6. Dress to kill. James Bond successfully seduced hundreds of women because his wardrobe was on point. Dress for your date, but wear your clothes; don't let them wear you. Your clothes should function as a part of your body; they should look natural and complement the rest of you. If you look like you're trying to hard, then chances are your date will no doubt be able to see it. Wear what looks good on you.
  7. Show your passion. No one wants to be stuck with someone who is going nowhere fast. Talking about what you're passionate and about and committed to gives your date a sense of security and it shows that you possess direction in your life. They'll be more inclined to learn about what you love and more inclined to see you again.
  8. Watch your posture. Don't slouch, walk with a limp, or barrel over to your date. If you're not sure how to sit and walk properly, then find a medium-sized book and place it on your head. See how far you can walk without dropping it and how long you can balance it on your head while sitting down. Practice makes perfect. Standing straight makes you look more powerful and poised.
  9. Be chivalrous. Open the car door for her, help her out of the car, hold the door for her, and pull her chair out for her. Many women are unfamiliar with the ways of chivalry but that doesn't excuse you from your obligation to it. A gentleman goes farther than the average one.
  10. Be interesting. Instead of just droning on about the minutiae of your day, talk about what you'd like to accomplish in the next five years or something you've always dreamed of doing. Topics like these help your date to learn more about you and also gives them a chance to become more interested in you.


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