23 April 2010

Green Is The New Black: WKU's Earth Day Fashion Show

Forgive the small little hiatus this past week; technical difficulties have been keeping us from moving right along, but we're back with a post on Western Kentucky University's Earth Day Sustainable Fashion Show. Yesterday, 28 students in the Design, Merchandising, and Textiles classes produced garments constructed purely from recycled clothes as well as recyclable materials. The designs produced possess great ingenuity and the inspiration within them gave glimpses of the styles of the mod A-line dress of the British 1960s, Valentino's affinity between drama and high glamour, Dior's timeless elegance, and Balenciaga's sophistication. Also, corseted dresses were definitely the defining trend amond the garments, most likely due to the firm and unyielding nature of corrugated materials such as cardboard, maps, and hardened paper. The designs, although constructed in amounts of time ranging from three hours to an entire week, all managed to display mostly the same level of difficulty, ingenuity, and avant-garde. Students from the visual merchandising and promotions class also succeeded in producing mannequins wearing newspaper and recycled textile skirts with bouquets of twisted wire hangers and punctured soda cans to produce an arrangement that paid homage to the earthy theme as well as the fashion simultaneously. The winner for her design was student Maggie Burrell.


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