30 April 2010

The Flashy Life

"Vanity...pictures of magazines and beauty queens...vanity...mirrors and cameras, so many beauty queens...vanity...it's so good to be, popular and glamorous, we love ourselves and no one else" - Lady Gaga

What is the Flashy Life? It is a lifestyle devoted to all things purely aesthetic. Flashing lights, fashion, art, design...these are our mediums upon which we paint our vanity-stained masterpieces. Our hunger is created by that which we feed on; the more we are talked about, adored, and ravished, the more we will want to be talked about, adored, ravished. We are not superficial. For we we seek to find the beauty that penetrates into the very core of what it means to be alive. We mutilate ourselves, cutting off parts of us and placing them within our works, the glittering crystal artifices that we surround ourselves with. We live by line, shape, movement, rhythm, emphasis, color, space, and imagination. We enjoy being beautiful. We are the ego monsters; we want to eat your hearts and eat your eyes as you gaze upon as drifting by like gilded gazelles. And no one has mastered the Flashy Life quite like my muse Marquis Phifer. Each day as I wake (with my laptop Alice next to me), his face is the first I see each morning. A true devotee to the Flashy Life, the exploits of his blog LateBoots display an inimitable, raw, real glamour that feeds my addiction to the flashing lights...I sympathize with the raccoon...his obsession with shiny objects is no different from mine; his scale is simply smaller. Check out my favorite shiny objects from Marquis Phifer's blog below...


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