14 February 2011

The Elegant Animus

The universe of fashion is a place where ideas are constantly being created, changed, thrown away, recycled, and picked up. In this infinite manufacturing of creativity, one person's trash is another's treasure and subsequently becomes someone else's trash or treasure. And as we come into contact with these ideas in fashion, whether old or new, we are inevitably changed by them. Suddenly a light of inspiration in a dark tunnel becomes clearer, or perhaps a new path suddenly springs up from the other new path we just took. To document this amazing and wonderful phenomenon, I created a new blog, Elegant Animus, to document all of the inspiration that hits me and how it has and continues to change me.
Tumblr seemed the best place to plant my blog, simply because it is the largest blog network that encourages people to share inspiration as well as add new ideas to those posts. If you look on my blog, you'll find that the majority of my posts are simply reblogs of photos or text from other Tumblr users. This isn't a testament to my inability to think originally, it shows that we can't all come up with everything. And we shouldn't have to either. As the saying goes, "there is nothing new under the sun", there still isn't today. Creativity is energy. And energy isn't created or destroyed, it's merely transferred. and Elegant Animus is the crystallization of that process. So check it out and if you're inspired to inspire others, sign up for a Tumblelog. I'm always looking for new, ingenious people to follow!


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