19 February 2011

Model Madness: Brandon Espy

Ah, the power of Google. Who knew such technology could be used to find out som much about beautiful people? Well we certainly snagged a big one this time and he comes by the name of Brandon Espy. A rising star who prefers to selectively solicit his beauty rather than settle for overexposure, he strikes your eyes with that "Where have you been all this time?" thought. Also, through my Google exploits, our model of the week, a native of Diamond Bar, California, played football for the University of San Diego in 2005 to 2007 where he majored in Communications. He was a three-sport high school performer in football, basketball, and track, hence the impeccable Spartan physique. It's interesting how Brandon's history has led him to the world of fashion modeling but he's definitely smart enough to know he's got the looks. Check out why he's out model of the week and you'll see why we're mad for him.


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