27 February 2011

Lady Gaga for Vogue March

There are many reasons the world has paid so much attention to the antics, the style, and the brand that is Lady Gaga. Her modus operandi of constantly breaking set within fashion and pop culture and synthesizing them into new forms and ideas is a skill she has beautifully mastered. Like most great artists, her work often evokes misunderstanding, perplexity, and fear to those who do not understand it. But I feel that the greatest thing about Lady Gaga is she does exactly as she thinks. She is one of the few people who know how to turn the dreams and ideas in her head, no mater how scandalous or surreal and turn them into realities. It is this magic that shows in her feature spread in Vogue's March Power Issue. And a subject to choose indeed. Her otherworldly creativity and desire to unite completely with popular culture can be nothing short of magical. With her single "Born This Way" released earlier this month, Gaga is beginning to unveil to the world her newest creation. Check out the photos of this little monster from the spread after the break.


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