03 February 2011

An Homage To Black Style

In light of Black History Month, I must stop and pay tribute to the numerous Black icons that have and still contribute so much to fashion and what Black American style really is. In a history that often calls for much more sadness than celebration, in spite of our oppression and in light of our achievements, we have managed to create a style that is distinctly ours. Whether it is the dashikis, afros, and kente cloth that hearken images of Black is Beautiful, or whether it is the smooth, crisp, and classic style of a 1940s Stacy Adams suit, or even the bold, expressive, and unrestrained hip-hop style, Black Americans have always found a way to make their voices heard and have created our own definition of luxury and elegance that is as rich and varied as the colors we are. Check out a slideshow featuring the icons that have shaped Black fashion.


mt90 said...

beautiful post!

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