04 May 2010

It's Brittney $#&*%...

Cause I do not accept any less...than someone just as real, as fabulous...and no one gets any more real or any more fabulous than my girl and honorary member of my pretty committee Brittney Carter from the real 'Ville, Louisville, Kentucky.. If you don't know, you better ask somebody--this girl's a graduate of the illustrious Louisville Male High School, got the AKA Miss Black Western Pageant under her belt, winning the award for having the highest G.P.A. of all the contestants: a 4.0., and being a Broadcast Journalism major she's just getting started. She's also writing songs for A. Hagan an up-and-coming R&B artist straight from Western (ATL look out) and this girl's giving Kandi Buruss a run for her money. Like I said, I only surround myself with real hustlers. No paper gangsters hanging around here. Yeah, if that ain't dedication, I don't know what is. This chick needs to be fire marshaled because she's setting fires in girl's eyes and boys hearts when she walks by. I'm writing a book: Everything I Needed to Know About Doin It Big I Learned From Brittney. I'm sure it will become a best seller because this girl's a waterfall hiding behind a pair of shades that make her look like a calm stream. Like I always say, the best products don't need to advertise. And this girl's PR campaign must be doing some serious damage cause her monopoly on the game's just getting started. She's got a new blog called The Notes of Toni's Life and once it gets rolling, don't be the last to get on the train. Check out more of this stellar starlet-in-the-making below.


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