16 July 2010

Links Roundup - The Sartorialist in Italy

Few fashion photoblogs amaze me in the way that The Sartorialist does. The man who was noted as one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Design Influencers has captured my eyes again with his capturing of unnaturally natural style in one of the most stylish destinations in the world, Milan, Italy. Perhaps it is the safari-esque experience that the blog provides that has propelled it into the style stardom it has won. The design of the blog is completely unfettered and devoid of superfluous ad-sense banners creating less distractions for readers, allowing them to see real people in real situations with real style. An intriguing point he makes in one of his recent posts while in Milan expounds upon the thick line between fashion and style in describing his encounter with a Milanese bartender.

“On the way I stopped into Biffi, a great old pasticceria, for a very cold sparkling water. While I was there I was struck by just how professional the gentleman behind the bar looked in his perfectly tailored uniform. This gentleman, by contrast, seems to take great pride and respect in the profession he has chosen and expresses that pride in the exactitude of his uniform. To me, this is also a great example of the difference between fashion and style. This guy has STYLE. He has mastered the ‘refinement of detail.’” I greatly appreciate the commentary given by The Sartorialist because it’s not seeking to turn its readers into high-flying, high-rolling glamazons but it gives simple, realistic, and functional style advice. GQ’s definitely aware of this diamond’s worth making him the eye on the streets for the latest in what the secretly stylish are wearing. To see more of The Sartorialist’s Milan sightings, check out his blog here.


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