16 July 2010

Links Roundup – Your Chance To Get Noticed with Fashion Crowdfunding on The Business of Fashion

For emerging designers who are finding it difficult to get their lofty goals and ideas off the ground, The Business of Fashion is detailing a new method for giving them the platform to achieve. StyleTrek.com is a new site dedicated to providing designers with a means for launching and promoting their collections by raising funds provided by fans and supporters to give new talent the financial backing they need. The site along with newly developed site FashionStake is creating a light at the end of the tunnel for inspired and ingenious minds waiting to show the world what aesthetic contributions they can make.
“A new online crowdfunding start-up focused, as the name suggests, on the fashion space. It’s traditionally been extremely challenging for emerging fashion brands to get the financial and marketing support they need.” I’ve never heard of this type of marketing approach but according to the crowdfunding entry in Wikipedia, it’s nothing new at all. Methods used in all types of industries, upstart businesspeople realize that sometimes it takes a village to raise a dollar. A more closer example of crowdfunding can be seen in non-profit efforts such as natural disaster relief funds where people who support the cause are actually the capital of the cause. Sites like StyleTrek as quotes by The Business of Fashion work by,

“StyleTrek.com will select emerging designers for their fresh and unique vision, quality of execution and offer this to the global consumer. If the designer is submitted by a StyleTrekker they will receive 74% of sales and the StyleTrekker 1%. If the designer submitted him or herself they will receive 75% of sales. Designers will receive a robust e-commerce platform, social media marketing support (on Facebook, Twitter and StyleTrek’s community) immediate international presence and a growing network of fashion fans who can help them develop new design ideas and even pre-order. StyleTrek will receive 25% of sales.”

With this kind of support, endless possibilities that designers on the verge have never seen can suddenly materialize. Whereas the all of the support that can be found in once place on StyleTrek, usually designers have to get these services from a group of different people. It’s refreshing to see that in a cutthroat and extremely competitive industry that we can find people dedicated to helping others succeed. And nothing’s better than that.Check out the article here.


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