20 July 2010

Wonder If You Know How They Live In Tokyo…

If you seen it then you mean it and you know you have to go…tick tick tick…wonder if you know…Not a China Man ‘cause I ain’t from China, man…I am Japan, man…and if you want to know how they do it on the streets of Tokyo and all over Japan then you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in this hidden gem Japan Streets. A fashion blog similar to LookBook.nu yet devoted to all things Japanese street fashion And best of all the blog is in complete English and profiles many Japanese tastemakers like Yohji Yamamoto that many Americans are familiar with. So if you’re tired of the American fashion victim routine take a detour to the east and get reinvent yourself Yoyogi Park-style. Nihongo o hanashimasu ka?
I actually ran into this site as I was perusing the annals of Google looking for some international fashion inspiration for today’s post. It was purely a shot in the dark with the words “Japanese street fashion” and lo, and behold the results hit this blog right in the heart. I must say that the subtitle on the blog was somewhat dubious and overly insistent; “Japanese street fashion, street culture & catwalk fashion. Real people. Real clothes. Real cool!” For a second I had thought I stumbled upon some html/css-wise nineteen-year-old alternative girl with a fondness for Japanese style. But after looking at the photos and browsing through the content, I was impressed that a site in complete English could give such a thorough and natural view into Japanese style like this. As far as the individual styles went, items like sneakers, hats, and jeans didn’t really differ much from the way they were worn in America. But as for accessories such as multicolored bags with faces on the straps and the pack, patterned sandals that looked like they belonged on the feet of Eskimos in the Arctic Circle, and bellbottoms with decorated with colored mushrooms like a viewing of Jesus Christ: Superstar on acid would probably not catch on as well this side of the world. Overall, I have a great love for Japan at large and I enjoy taking a trip to my favorite store Ultra Pop! On Bardstown Road in my hometown Louisville, Kentucky. They have large selections of artistic figures and collection books by Japanese artists like Glen Murakami and they have original publications of harajuku fashion magazines like FRUiTS.Take a glance at some of the site's featured looks below.


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