12 July 2010

What Do A Jet-Setter, Varsity Jock, Army Soldier, and Backpacker Have In Common?

The super-stylish and avant-garde chic producer, designer, musician, and art aficionado appears to be taking the fall and winter 2010 menswear lines Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream in a significantly different aesthetic direction this season. Known mostly for their colorful and innovative designs that combine urban simplicity with creative complexity, the collections are targeted toward the man who would rather be seen around town skateboarding, dropping a mixtape in his friend's indie recording studio, or strolling down the street to the sounds of Lupe Fiasco's "Kick, Push". This season's collections appears to be less concerned with being the vanguard of skateboarder-skinny jean chic and kaleidoscopic patterns, a surprise to any devotee to the BBC/IC brand.

The color palette of the collection was an assemblage of ice and earth tones with the majority of the pants for the looks being chinos ranging from cream beige to dark navy. Jeans were included in less of the looks with the preference being lighter denim and about the only deviation being slight-but-noticable bleaching and distressing. Jackets of all types were a major unifying point for the collection, showing both the typical letterman-style jacket and another more contemporary style in a frost white hue. Light windbreakers also appeared, looking more appealing for their utilitarian purposes rather than their aesthetic individuality. Wool and plaid blazers stood among military-style jackets that belonged in the Air Force than on someone's runway. And then there were also heavy jackets suitably made for the quintessential Mount Everest backpacker and their less formal brother the All-American hoodie with less conservative coloring and patterns but nonetheless noticeably more subdued than last Fall's BBC collection. Overall, the line was interesting. I can't be certain whether this was a test run for another collection of Pharrell's or whether the person responsible for the creativity and ingenuity of the Billionaire Boys Club collection was out sick the day looks were chosen.Check out the entire lookbook here.


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