01 October 2010

Allen W. - LookBook.nu Spotlight

Medium-blue denim jacket with rolled up sleeves and bleach stains too gratuitous to be machine-made, a white Vampire Weekend t-shirt with a centered photograph, a self-made Pac-Man logo pin a la Dee and Ricky, classic sneaker-style buckle shoes from Aldo, studded bracelets on the arm, and the delinquent face coupled with a high-top fade that conjures images of the incorrigble youth from Boyz 'N Tha Hood. These elements make up the look "Contra" by Allen W. and his urban style definitely interested me enough to present him to you readers. Only 16 and a fashion model and photographer from Washington D.C., Allen's appreciation and ingenuity in fashion makes it hard not to see how LookBook.nu, an online font of fashion inspiration from real people, has an eye for catching ordinary people with extraordinary style. Check out this look and others on his LookBook.nu profile here.


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