01 October 2010

Street Etiquette for the Rude Boys

In a period where Black men as well as men in general are becoming increasingly image-conscious, the exceptionally articulate, intelligent, and stylish duo creators of the men's fashion blog Street Etiquette are definitely the heralds of a new generation. Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs have produced a brainchild that is a clever melange of the sartorial as well the intellectual. With an apparent appreciation for the uplifting of the Black intelligentsia, the pair finds expression of sentiments, themes, and dreams of Black individuals, history, culture, and how the powerful medium of fashion has been uniquely impacted by Black creativity. The blog itself possesses and understated design, an effect that allows followers and viewers to take the content more seriously. A recent post titled "The Black Ivy" pays tribute to the Black intellectual culture that owes its existence to historically Black colleges and universities such as Morehouse College, Howard University, Meharry Medical School, and Fisk University.
 These schools are considered the "Black Ivy League" because at the time of their creation, they were the most competitive schools that accepted Blacks and they still remain to be the best institutions of higher learning for Blacks. The clothing in the video also hearkens to the Ivy League classical prep style with glimpses of oxford shoes, wool blazers, immaculately puffed pocket squares, bow ties, and brogues. Perhaps a quiet renaissance is occurring within the Black community and its influences on personal style are the most apparent. No doubt the cultural injections of Street Etiquette will be the harbinger of its emergence. Check out Street Etiquette here.


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