04 October 2010

Get Prepped With Prep

You don't have to be jet-setting Park Avenue princess or a Southampton socialite to inject a little prep into your wardrobe. Elements of preppy style such as headbands, plaid skirts, cardigans, neckties, and blazers have made their way into the fashion scene along with brands such as Ralph Lauren Polo and Tommy Hilfiger and now you too can add a little preppy flair to your wardrobe with these fashion sets from Polyvore.com. Take a look at all the sets and use the inspiration to create your own stylish preppy look. And if you spot an item that you want for your own, just click the sets to find out what site it came from and how much it costs. So grab your schoolbooks because Preppy 101 is now in session. Read on to view more sets.


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