02 October 2010

Model Madness - Omar Kennedy Shot By Tarrice Love

"Many feel it is too artistic to be considered fashion photography. I want to know if my work is considered to artistic to be fashion, then what exactly is fashion photography and it is fashion today considered art?" These are the words Tarrice Love a highly skilled fashion photographer, up-and-coming designer, and Brooklynite speaking on opinions of his work. Known for his excellent improvisation skill in his photos, Love's talent for interacting extraordinary beauty with ordinary objects earns him credibility and his self-taught knowledge of fashion and photography amplify the raw creativity he possesses. Here is his photo shoot with 24-year-old model Omar Kennedy of Biscayne Park, Florida.  Once again managing to inject the artistic into the mundane, Tarrice Love pulls off another testament of the inspiring touch of fashion. View the rest of the photos after the break.


mt90 said...

I love it. He's beautiful.

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