07 October 2010

Kadeem Johnson - LookBook.nu Spotlight

Found another diamond in the rough this week for our LookBook.nu spotlight. This week we're bringing you Kadeem Johnson, a freelance photographer and student from the Bronx. What interests me most about Kadeem's style is his use of distinctive and vintage-style clothing and accessories. A fascination for artistic and unique items, Johnson's looks make use of rosary chains, peace sign pendants, stacked bangles, and exotic bracelets. His looks are never without a hat, and Kadeem's hats of choice include driving caps and fedoras. His clothing is unfettered and allows him to be stylish without having to be conservative. His Wordpress blog, K.john_LaSoul, is a collection of his fashion photographs, usually consisting of images of what he is wearing, and like his style isn't cluttered or overly dramatic. It is simple, yet creative, and functional, yet inspiring. Also a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Kadeem Johnson appears to be quickly gaining speed in his career and creative reach. Check out more of Kadeem's looks on his profile here.


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