18 November 2010

Drake Makes GQ's Men of The Year

Drake, the supernova-by-night rapper that's been making his way into the ears of the fellas and the hearts of the ladies has become GQ magazine's Breakout of The Year in its annual Men of the Year issue. The man behind supremely styled songs like "Successful", "We Like Her", "Find Your Love", and "Fancy" has been producing chart-topping hits most which weren't even included on an actual EP. But fans who know the real Drake know him from his days on the after-school special Degrassi in which he played Jimmy, a basketball player who after being shot by a student, became wheelchair bound. But in the spring of 2009, audiences began to see a newer, more creative and edgy side of Graham after he was discovered by rapper Lil' Wayne. Since, his style and swagger has gained him much attention, making his appearance on this month's GQ his second cover in 2010. Fans hope to see more from the urban upstart with the release of his album So Far Ahead. Check out more pictures of Drake from the spread after the jump.


Toni La Nae said...

The song is actually called Every Girl not We Like Her ha ha that's hook but its all good.

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