16 November 2010

The Snobiety Pages

The Titel Media group, the minds responsible for fashion sites such as Selecticism, Curated, and Rad Collector boast another blog dedicated to men's fashion, High Snobiety. High Snobiety focuses on the newest in exclusive accessories and fashions for men, shunning the overused and overpromoted mainstream brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Independent brands such as 10.Deep, House of Billiam, and Alife are the spotlighted brands known only by the most savvy of underground style conoisseurs and only afforded by them as well, hence the name High Snobiety. Overall, Snobiety's design isn't especially eye-catching, taking the road less traveled with the static outer wrapper image and extremely few ads.
The only disappointing and egregious error of the blog is their placement of their About and Contact links as the bottom of the page. For a media group that hosts so many sites, it's amazing how much disregard for incoming viewers the site has. If a first-time reader happened to stumble upon the blog, they're not exactly going to scroll all the way down to the end of the page if they have no idea of what they're reading. About page links should go at the top of the page so that if readers want to know the story behind the blog or blogger then they don't have to sort through a bunch of content they might not want to read anyway. Overall, though not extremely interesting, High Snobiety does provide readers with a look at limited edition avant-garde styles that aren't in danger of being knocked off.


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