02 November 2010

Lady Gaga à Gogo Goes To Paris

The minds behind the blog Paris Most Wanted, Andrea Bomo and Sandy Miller along with their amie Jocelyne, decided to take a trip to the Galerie Chappe to view one of the greatest art tributes to one of the greatest pop culture icons of all time, Lady Gaga. The exhbit, dubbed “Lady Gaga à Gogo”, features paintings and digital art of Lady Gaga created by her fans, or “little monsters” as she affectionately calls them. Media of the works created included canvas paintings of a Dunkin’ Donuts ad-turned-Gaga, a stylized airbrushing of the words ‘Lady Gaga’ with kittens drawn around the letters à la Hello Kitty, and a black marker-drawn poster of a picture of Lady Gaga in soda can hair rollers, a scene from her Telephone video. Famous fashion designers also contributed reproductions of the simultaneously glamorous and creatively avant-garde outfits Lady Gaga has been spotted in on stylish sleek black mannequins. Overall, the exhibit was an impressive one and any Lady Gaga aficionado would certainly be both impressed and proud with the artistic rendering of the inspiration that is Lady Gaga. Photos after the jump. below from Paris Most Wanted.


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