18 November 2010

How Do You Say Love In Portguese?

The people over at oficM certainly do and they say it oh-so-well. If you never stopped by the Brazilian fashion oasis in a vast desert blogosphere, then you'll find the excellently designed and managed site refreshing, interesting, and most importantly of all, stylish. Still rusty on your Portuguese? Don't worry, the page had a Google Translate button so you can read all of the posts in your native language. But after all, fashion speaks the language of beauty, which is known universally. It's sleek white minimalist design and its pithy posts make the glamorous images on its page come all the more alive.

When you step into the site, you already bombarded with a bevy of sensational style. The excellently executed ensemble of a Brazilian stylista, the super-dope graffiti art on a pair of limited-edition Reebok-Hello Kitty sneakers, all of this and more. I guess when they talk about the paradise that is Brazil, they weren't just talking about the non-digital huh? Lookbook Oficm also features style videos on Vimeo, the fashionable brother of YouTube. You can even catch all of your favorite models making a cameo, in particular one of my faves, Dominque Hollington of Red Models. It's definitely a fashion party and life on oficM's a breeze I hear. Book you reservations now.


Mirella Lira said...

Sou eeeeu! kkk

@daviidbruno said...

Congratulation oficM...

OficM said...

I loved the post! Thank you.

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