16 November 2010

I Like My Honey On Top

If you’ve never taken a look at the uber-stylish and avant-garde artistic world of Japanese street fashion, then take primer in Japanese Style 101 at Honeyee. Created by the legendary godfather of Harajuku style and Japanese street style Hiroshi Fujiwara, with the subtitle ‘Intelligence Service for a High Style’, Honeyee boasts an impeccable and highly sleek design and layout. Its magazine style splash page is a design diamond among the bevy of Japanese fashion blogs swimming around the internet. It has an excellent manipulation of photos which fade on the page highlighting the newest in fashion events, creative productions, and Japanese popular culture. I felt that the most attractive element of Honeyee is the use of Helvetica font, a typeface that is being used increasingly in this decade for its stylishness and overall attractiveness. Though the titles of the categories and blog posts may be in English, the content is in Japanese which expresses Fujiwara’s concern with Japanese popular culture and less with keeping up with the Americans. Like the mysterious nature of Hiroshi Fujiwara himself, Honeyee isn’t a blog that blasts its existence rather it prefers to focus on the underground activity of Japan. When asked about the impetus behind creating Honeyee in a Complex magazine interview, Fujiwara responded saying, “I’d been asked for at least four or five years, Why don’t you do a website, but I wasn’t sure if the Internet was the place for these things. But I spoke to Hiroki [Nakamura] from Visvim and [Hirofumi] Kiyonaga from SOPH., and the three of us were kind of thinking that it was time to do it. People say that I’m showing my private things on my blog, but it’s not really true-you can hide anything you want and show everything you want.”


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