22 November 2010

To Ri Or Not To Ri?


Since her debut into the music world with her album Music of the Sun, the young free-spirited Barbados singer that was Rihanna has transformed into a edgy, independent, and uninhibited individual who has shocked and enthralled fans with her avant-garde fashion taste, her seductive lyrics, and most of all the many transformations of her hairstyles. You don't have to be a good girl gone bad to dress like one and we've pulled the best looks of the badass style that is Rihanna to show you how! Check out the fashion sets after the jump created by members of Polyvore.com the only site that allows you to use real fashions to create amazing looks. If you notice a particular set that catches your eye, click on it to find all the items and where you can get them for yourself. So if you're up to the challenge, get some rated-R style for your wardrobe. Enjoy!


RIHANNA by _Marina featuring a wool blazer


RiRi by shakeyd23 featuring blue tops


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