16 November 2010

Rocking & Rholling

If you’re looking for someone to hook you up with a massive overdose of fashion and art, then you’ll want to hit up Rhuigi and Rhoxanne’s site Rhu & Rho. Once you hit the front page you’ll get up-close-and-personal with the newest in avant-garde fashion photography and cultural injections. The personal style of both creators is sublimely chic and contains the right amount of insubordination and adherence to classical style. The design of the blog is far from fussy and the courier font of the posts gives the impression of a desktop pile of photos and torn out notes from a pocket carnet adding to the realness and authenticity of the blog. Big on showing rather than telling, the blog is rife with interesting videos and it resembles Marquis Phifer’s Lateboots pre-Wordpress. It’s a real-life account of real people doing real-life work and reaping the fruits of the labor. Currently the pair has worked on revamping their blog with their 10.10.10 campaign.


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