24 June 2010

Beautifully Unhuman - Spotlight Harrison "Humannequin" Lovett

When I first met him, I didn't know what was more shocking--his apparent self-confidence and insistent desire for others to view his body or his obsession with the motifs √† la Lady Gaga of fame, sex, fashion, and glamour. Harrison Pereze Bradley-Lovett, the 20-year-old self-titled "Humannequin" from Rue de Paradis, Abuja, Nigeria possesses strong inclination to the passionate and overtly sexual like the allure of candlelight to a fluttering moth in the night. His projects include working with James Nelson, Dirty Rock Me Photography, Faces by Emile,  and Gem In I Entertainment. On the details of his often misunderstood aesthetic, Harrison states, "I am inspired by sex and how we can make it luxurious and tasteful--high society lifestyles, cosmetic perfection, my dreams, my past, and thoughts of the future. And most of all my inspiration comes from what is beautiful, strange, and unexpected." A "humannequin" is no doubt what Harrison is; his primary means of self expression comes from his body. He has no problems displaying in its clean, original form, and he equally if not more comfortable with ensconcing it in avant-garde pieces. Harrison sums up his personal style saying, "My style is definitely spontaneous, very hip, and detailed. I try to wear things that are flattering to my body, and to the eyes. I dress as if I am an open book, based on the season, my mood, or even where I may be(or may be going) at that time. All these things play apart in how I will tell my story. I love to dress out loud, you can basically call the pieces in my closet." An aspiring model, Harrison's self-possession definitely give him the ability to create artistic yet sensual photos. His favorite clothing items are "high wasted slim trousers, raw denim jeans, fine jewelry, vintage sunglasses, leather boots, metal studded coats, spikes, glitter, parfum, skin care, intimates, rare animal fur, racer back tanks, man bags". But I can say without a doubt that Harrison's favorite accessory is the one he shows off the most--his skin. Check out photos of Harrison below.


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