27 June 2010

Pretty Police - Spotlight Amori Herrera

All the pretty boys in the room stand up...and bow down to Amori Herrera, the 19-year-old model originally from Detroit, Michigan who has resided in Louisville, Kentucky from 9 years old to the present. An exceptional diamond in the rough, Amori speaks to the story of many young adults building the foundation for their dreams from the ground up. A student at Paul Mitchell Hair School, Amori definitely has an eye and a blessing himself for beauty. Sporting a highly photogenic and meticulously tended face with enviously poreless golden brown skin and eyebrows so sharp they could kill, Amori's definitely looking to milk his beauty for all it's worth with his modeling work at Heyman Talent Agency, a group known for producing refined and unique models, actors, and talented individuals. An extreme fashion aficionado at heart, Amori speaks on his personal style saying, "My personal style is real preppy with a twist..but I like looking different and sexy at the same time. I'll try anything once". When it comes to staying in shape, Amori's motivation definitely and clearly stems from those of aesthetic reasons. To him, life is a simply a giant press conference; it's full of flashing lights, adoring fans, meeting new people and letting people know who you are. So Amori's mind is definitely in the right place for him to scale any height to reach his goals. To many his remarkable attractiveness is quite intimidating yet Amori's down-to-earth attitude repudiates any cause for apprehension. "You may see me one day in a t-shirt, khaki shorts, glasses, and hot shoes. I'm a nice laid-back, fun loving pretty person. I love to be comfortable but definitely something talked about in a good way." If you want to see more pretty pictures of this pretty boy then check them out below.


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