15 June 2010

Hustler Lifetime Achievement Award - Jaureal Dillingham

You've met Jaureal Dillingham when I presented him in a spotlight in April with his new mixtape that is as scorching as the temperatures outdoors. Today I'm presenting him with a Hustler Lifetime Achievement Award. This rapper and self-proclaimed pretty boy has been juicing up his tank to keep his Hustler Craft flying high. Hailing from the nitty gritty of the streets of Chicago, Jaureal found himself surrounded by a plethora of hustlers and people looking for a quick way to get theirs. But Jaureal's precocious talent for rapping as well as his notable athletic ability steered him in a different direction for his aspirations. Having moved to Louisville, KY more than halfway through high school, Jaureal never gave up on his love of wordplay. His skills were thrust into the public spotlight when word of Jaureal's superlative skills in a freestyle met NBA figure Derek Anderson. And from there, the rest is history; Jaureal continues to promote his skills which are most definitely rivaling some already-signed rappers in the industry. His style is no less failing than his verbal skills, relying on an arsenal of urban style sense which gives him an inclination to more avant-garde, edgy, and urban abstract styles. More importantly as well, Jaureal has a fondness for advocating with youth and reaching out to adolescents in the community. From personal experience I can definitely say I'm one who has been impacted by the mind and words of Jaureal Dillingham. He is constantly thinking, constantly looking and reaching for possibilities, and attitude that will take him far. So check out the sets of Jaureal I've styled personally below and download his mixtape on his MySpace page here.


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